SOLD 2018-08-27

Color L73 chestnut brown / Kastanjebrun

Swedish titel and has passed through the Swedish car test year 2018. With few owners and through this in an very honest natural condition. There are no old bad welds at all on the car. The engine, rear wings, semaphores and footsteps are exchanged. All brakepipe, brakehose, wheelcylinders are new. Front and back seats have always been fitted with cover and are in a wonderful fresh condition to be 66 years old. Original paint on hole car apart from the 4 wings. Dents and surface rust yes, but very very little bad rust. The car is in Sweden Helsingborg.



The engine is a 30 hp engine that is replaced in the 60’s.

All tires are 16″ that is very old and have to be changed.



Original 1952 manual.




The carpets are worn after many years of use.

Both door sides should be replaced, the moisture has broken the fabric.


A detail that is often missing on these cars, but here it´s still there, and yes the horn works.



The car has a sheet metal damage on the driver’s door and B-pillar, part of the car’s history.


New pictures 2018-06-06 as some want more pictures on the car.